These Are a Few of My Favorite Things [to Ruin]

This ain’t your average evening of musical theatre…


Next up: a special presentation of Joe Iconis’ Things to Ruin

Co-conceived by John Simpkins and Joe Iconis

Things To Ruin is an incendiary collection of songs by Kleban and Larson Award Winner Joe Iconis (SMASH, The Black Suits and Bloodsong of Love). Things To Ruin is a theatrical rock concert about human beings who are messy, emotional, drugged up, knocked down, inspired, electric and who don’t have nearly enough time to cause the kind of commotion they so desperately need to. Performed by a cast of viciously talented young singers the show rocks with an occasionally profane and always heartfelt explosion of music and high drama.

Coming your way this January.


Emily Arkuss, Jeff Buco, Ben Burch, Samantha Eve,  Ari Gwasdoff , Josh Hillinger, Tyler Ledon, Katharine McDonough, Jamie Mills, Kelsey Schulte, Kristofer Sundquist, Joanna Syiek

Jennifer Lin MD’ing / on the keys
Tim Thavirat on the drums
Mike Wendland on guitar

Stage Manager: Taylor Wilkerson
Assistant Director: Mitchell Webb


Tickets now available! Click here or the image above to reserve your seat.


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