More Chances to Poké On!

Winner! Best Fringe Festival Musical
Winner! Best of Fringe – Extensions

Thanks to all who’ve made it out to the show! We loved traveling through Kanto with you!

LAist says: “This is The Pokémusical’s time and place, and The Pokémusical (of all things) just might be the show we end up remembering the 2013 Fringe Festival by.”

Broadway World says: “Vibrant characters, smart writing, and even smarter direction make this musical much more than it appears at first glance. It pays tribute to its Pokémon source material in the best way possible and takes the audience on a journey it will never forget.”

The Examiner says: “More fun than should be legally allowed. I  hope we have not seen the last of The Pokémusical – this show deserves a full run at the Ahmanson!”

Geeks Out says: “Translating a classic anime series with a cult-like following into a live action musical is a feat that could have easily gone awry. The cheesy campy melodrama of Japanese animation seems like it would impossible for humans to perform (without looking ridiculous). The actors of The Pokémusical proved that it could not only be done, but done well.”

Curvewire says: “An absurd delight. You don’t have to be a Pokemon fan to enjoy it, but if you happen to be one, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Flavorpill says: Editor’s Pick! “Its strong, impressive performances easily sweep audiences into a decidedly lo-fi version of an anime world, while the energetic musical score grabs attention with its verve and wit. The well-crafted choreography matches the oddity and fun of the original Japanese show.”

Life in LA says: “I was on my feet clapping, sides sore from laughing non-stop. In other words, The Pokémusical is spectacular.”


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