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Critic’s Pick LIZZIE now extended – Halloween encore, Oct. 31


Due to the success of its initial run in September, LIZZIE has now been extended with an additional Halloween performance on October 31.

LIZZIE is a rock retelling of the Lizzie Borden case which teases out the rumors surrounding one of the most infamous murder trials in American history, all while delivering a score imbued with hard rock, heavy metal, and riot grrrl punk. More rock concert than traditional musical, the show featuring music and lyrics from writers Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, Alan Stevens Hewitt, and Tim Maner.

The show features a 4 person, all female, all ferocious cast and made Stage Raw’s Top Ten during its run. LIZZIE has been bringing down the axe at live music venue Resident DTLA, a popular staple of the Arts District.

LIZZIE features direction and musical staging by Joanna Syiek (Indy Award Winner – Direction “American Idiot”, Broadway World Nomination – Best Direction, “The Pokémusical”) with musical direction by Jennifer Lin (Stage Raw Nomination – Best Music Direction “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”). The cast includes Leslie Rubino, Brooke Van Grinsven, Jenni Marie Lopez, and Samantha Labrecque, along with an understudy cast featuring Kelley Dorney, Renee Cohen, Jade Taylor and Kelsey Schulte.

The Halloween encore will be on October 31, 2018 at 8PM. The production takes place at Resident, located at 428 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. For tickets and information, visit: Tickets are general admission: $25 online, $30 at the door.




“Part throat-ripping rock concert, part riveting theatre invention.
This is rage rock at its finest.”
— Broadway World
“A Rock ’n’ Roll ode to the tale, a feminist anthem for freedom. RECOMMENDED
— Stage Raw
“A Badass Musical Starring Four Badass Women.
Energetically brought to ravenous life by amazing performers”
— Media Geeks


As seen in:


“One of the kookiest projects at the Hollywood Fringe Festival is also one of its biggest hits.”


“More fun than should be legally allowed”


Editor’s Pick! “PokéMusical is a Hollywood Fringe Festival double award winner for Pokémon geeks and non alike!”


“This is The Pokémusical’s time and place, and The Pokémusical (of all things) just might be the show we end up remembering the 2013 Fringe Festival by.”


“By the end of Friday’s production, I was on my feet clapping, sides sore from laughing non-stop. In other words, The Pokémusical is spectacular.”

“It’s no surprise “The Pokemusical” sold out opening night, just as it’s no surprise it took Best Musical at the Hollywood Fringe Fest earlier this year. Smart, well-crafted, but most of all good fun.”


Things to Do in LA: “Praise for the entire cast who all pulled of great songs and took on multiple roles throughout the night.”


“The Pokemusical, a live-action musical parody filled with adult situations and comical parallels that are sure to have anyone who had any interest in pocket monsters both laughing and feeling a warm tingle of nostalgia.”

bitter lemons

Bitter Lemons’ “Let’s Fringe” with Cindy Marie Jenkins

“Whether you grew up with the show or only know who Pikachu is, you’ll find this show to be a treat. It sets out to be a wild, silly ride and it succeeds in doing so.”

“I enjoyed this show, and I would recommend it to other people, something I’d never thought I’d say going in. It’s for those who are open to an evening filled with a vibrancy hard to find in this culture of snark and cynicism we sedate ourselves with…And for that, Pokemusical, I thank thee.”

French coverage of The Pokemusical:
“Une comédie musicale Pokemon fait beaucoup parler d’elle en ce moment outre-Atlantique puisqu’elle est inspirée d’un de nos grands souvenirs d’enfances, le phénomène Pokémon.”


Spanish coverage of The Pokemusical:
“Revive tu niñez con esta obra de teatro sobre una de las caricaturas que marcó la infancia de la Generación Y”

“A live action show that is one of the most hilarious, clever, and entertaining that I have ever seen.”

Of Pokemusical: “Under Joanna Syiek’s lively direction, cast members deliver energetic and often quite terrific performances. McCoy simply couldn’t be more appealing as our spunky, wide-eyed hero Ash, and I look forward to seeing much more of this very talented new L.A.-based singer-actor.”

Of Merely Players: “Songs are funny and catchy, wild-and-crazy characters are straight (or not so straight) out of an actual Max Ginsburg painting, choreography by director Syiek is infectiously fun…Whether you’ve ever done community theater or never trod the boards in your life, you will love Merely Players. And you might even buy a ticket to go back. I have.” WINNER! BEST FULL-LENGTH WORLD-PREMIERE MUSICAL


LA Stage Times

Los Angeles

Giraffenstein Coverage


Santa Monica Mirror


Musicals in LA: See Rock CityPokémusical, and Things to Ruin

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