Back with More “Things to Ruin”

Due to popular demand, we have added another performance of Things to Ruin!

Tickets are now available for the show on Feb 8, 2014. at 9PM



What audiences said (never have we been more flattered by CAPS LOCK):

“AWESOME SHOW!!! I was stunned, and blown away. Very funny, and entertaining. Congrats to the cast and crew!”
“Outstanding! Everyone did an amazing job. I loved every moment.”
“AMAZING and TALENTED group. Loved it”

About the Show:

A C&L Special Event
Surf Dog’s Sports Bar, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Co-conceived by John Simpkins and Joe Iconis

Things To Ruin is a theatrical rock concert about human beings who are messy, emotional, drugged up, knocked down, inspired, electric and who don’t have nearly enough time to cause the kind of commotion they so desperately need to. Performed by a cast of viciously talented young singers the show rocks with an occasionally profane and always heartfelt explosion of music and high drama.

Recommended arrival 1hr-30mins before showtime. Free parking available in lot.

Tickets include one small appetizer and (if 21+) one shot of the house’s best.

Running time: 90 mins.


Emily Arkuss, Jeff Buco, Ben Burch, Samantha Eve,  Ari Gwasdoff , Josh Hillinger, Tyler Ledon, Katharine McDonough, Jamie Mills, Kelsey Schulte, Joanna Syiek, Mitchell Webb

Jennifer Lin MD’ing / on the keys
Tim Thavirat on the drums
Mike Wendland on guitar

Director: Joanna Syiek
Stage Manager: Taylor Wilkerson
Assistant Director: Mitchell Webb

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