Original image courtesy of Boston Public Library. Image has been altered.

SHAMROCK celebrates America’s favorite adopted holiday, St. Patrick’s day, with classics from the Emerald Isle, along with newer imports from the folk and indie Irish scene.

Raise your pint. Raise your voices.


Jeff T. Buco
Katie DeShan
Ari Gwasdoff
Josh Hillinger
Matthew Kacergis
Eileen Cherry O’Donnell
Kelsey Schulte
Lindsay Zana

with Jennifer Lin on the keys
Carlos Felipe Flores on guitar

Performance Dates:

March 13 and March 15, 2015
ADDED SHOW! March 17, 2015
Surf Dog’s | Huntington Beach

Direction: Joanna Syiek
Musical Direction: Jennifer Lin

Stage Management : Juliana Scott
Assistant Direction: Mitchell Webb

(Original image courtesy of Boston Public Library. Image has been altered.)


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