The world’s a stage, or so they say.

Why do folks do theatre? C&L takes this question to task in its next original musical play.  Poster_MerelyPLayers_final

From the company that brought you Giraffenstein and The Pokémusical, comes Merely Players.

From audition sign-ups to the opening night curtain, we join the cast and creatives of the new musical “Bus Stop” as they work through script changes, divas, horrible acting choices, showmances and worst of all, identity crises. The success-hungry director, amateur performers and the never-quite-finished material find some much needed help from the most unexpected place: The Audience.

Enjoy a meta-exploration of the theatre scene as we watch as a struggling (and mostly terrible) theatre troupe attempt to put on a musical that maybe really should never have been written in the first place.

A New Musical Play

by Alex Syiek (Music and Lyrics) and James Penca (Book) Directed by Joanna Syiek



Performance Dates:

Sunday, June 7, 4PM Friday, June 12, 10PM Saturday, June 13, 8PM Saturday, June 20, 8PM Saturday, June 27, 10PM Sunday, June 28 4PM

Tickets go on sale May 1, 2015 Purchase tix here.

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