Hitting the Road: See Rock City and Other Destinations

See Rock City and Other Destinations, a contemporary musical about connections missed and made at tourist destinations across America, ran from February 23 through March 24.


“Such a fabulous show! The singers were Broadway quality and their acting was superb. I had never seen this show and was so impressed with the storytelling. Great direction using a minimalistic set in a small black box venue.”

“Saw the show tonight in Los Angeles. Excellent job by all the cast members at ‘Color and Light Theatre Ensemble.’ “

“Great show, solid cast. Lots of funny, touching moments and relationships explored in a series of vignettes. Highly recommend. Great songs and voices. Just go!”

And from composer, Brad Alexander, himself: “Phenomenal. Love the cast and the beautiful work you’ve all done.”


There is something intrinsically captivating about a vignette style of storytelling. Like Sondheim’s Company or Jason Robert Brown’s Songs for a New World, shows with a collection of stories plant us halfway through a person’s journey and ask that we leave before the promise of a neat and tidy happy ending. It requires faith and a little imagination on the part of the viewer to fill in the “what if’s” that linger after one story is told. See Rock City and Other Destination’s unique musical travelogue exemplifies this method of storytelling, allowing for a meditation on life’s tougher questions. It continually asks the viewer to stare down fear in order to connect with others.

The piece asks us to examine our expectations that we have of a new tourist destination, a new love, a new path and to evaluate how we react when reality bumps up against our preconceived notions of a place, person, or thing.  The musical also reinforces the very human need to connect above all else. It deconstructs the ideas of safety to illustrate the benefits of risk taking, especially when it comes to forging relationships with those that could be integral to one’s own personal growth. A reminder to live fully, See Rock City and Other Destinations is a journey for any person who ever wondered if they were on the right path.

Take a peak into our Rock City process with recent photos:


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