Why We Love Autumn (Or, what we’ve been up to the past few months)

It has been an exciting couple of months over in the house of Color and Light. A lot of show shuffling, date arranging and rights applying, but we can now announce some very exciting news.
We have been approved to produce “SEE ROCK CITY & Other Destinations” this coming spring for a 5 weekend run from 2/23/2013 – 3/24/2013. The show is a beautiful travelogue of vignettes and story songs that was nominated for a slew of Drama Desk Awards and winner of Outstanding Book a couple years back.
Photo credit: Carol Rosegg Photo/ The set of ” See Rock City & Other Destinations” at the Duke on 42nd Street
The really exciting part about all this? The original composer, Brad Alexander, heard about our rumblings of a production and reached out directly to say he wants to be involved. Meaning that he will be on hand during the rehearsal process and show giving us all of his brilliant insight into the piece. Not something that happens everyday.
What does this mean in the meantime? We’re shuffling around what the original C&L Fall/Winter looks like.
In order to prepare for a healthy run of this spring show, we are opting to produce our originally planned shows at a different time. Some early spring cleaning, if you will.
We could not be more thrilled to be working on this production and look forward to taking you on its journey soon.
In the meantime, we would love to hear about your favorite travel experience throughout the U.S.A. Where have you been that you absolutely loved and what’s still on the short list? What intrigues you about these places?
One Response to “Why We Love Autumn (Or, what we’ve been up to the past few months)”
  1. Mary says:

    Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the show!

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